Nowadays humanity must face a whole range of global problems. Less and less people deny that the pollution of the environment, climate change, in certain societies ageing, in other places overpopulation, terrorism, overconsumption, food shortage, nuclear threats, and other factors (together or separately) can mean the end of human civilization.

The generation growing up in these insecure circumstances needs – both individually and socially – some form of psychological support that can give them the internal feeling of security, not only a blurry vision that something should be done differently.

The last step of this path leading to inner security is the intentional living, when the individual possesses the knowledge of what can be done for the future of themselves, the Earth and humanity. At the same time, they feel the need to behave accordingly in their everyday lives.

As the members of the BOREKO Society we would like to contribute to forming an attitude of taking care of others and helping those in need. Since many of us work as teachers, first we outlined the topics, then we chose the age group where we could reach these goals with the help of improving skills. Finally, we chose the methodology, the formal and content elements that can be effective.

In accomplishing our ideas, the GINOP 1.5.7-17 tender supporting social enterprise we won in 2019 with our application named “The Colourful World of BOREKO” gives us a huge opportunity.

First, we have created an activity book for children aged 7-11 about emergency situations, which not only shows them the potential sources of emergency in an appropriate form and content, but also gives them practical guide. It teaches them the most important things to do if they or their friends get into trouble. As this activity book is for small children, choosing the suitable methodology was essential to arouse their interest, build and maintain their motivation.

Taking the psychological characteristics of the age group into consideration, we thought that the most effective way of dealing with the topic is having a story with characters of about the same age. The storyline is illustrated by one of our artist members. A collection of playful exercises improving different skills also belongs to the story, so this activity book can be used for integrated education. Besides dealing with the practical questions of first aid, the most important thing is forming the children’s attitude, that they want to and are able to help their friends who need help. A generation that is not only an indifferent or incompetent bystander of an accident, but one that takes part in the first – often vital – tasks should be brought up.

According to our plans, this activity book is the first in a series dealing with other parts of intentional living, such as physical exercise, nutrition, relationships, environmental protection.A

“Biztos, hogy a világot fenyegető veszélyek ijesztő módon növekszenek, de ugyanakkor nő azoknak az embereknek a száma, akik számot vetnek e veszélyekkel.”