The BOREKO Theatrical, Artistic and Cultural Society was founded in 2015. Teachers, cultural managers, merchants, truckers, firefighters, bus drivers and masseurs can be found among our members. Our original aim was to give entertainment facility of high standard for the town of Hajdúnánás, Hajdúdorog and the neighbouring settlements by performing plays. Our rustic comedy entitled Birthday has been performed with huge success in different towns and villages on the east of the river Tisza for four years.

As it turned out before our official forming, the members of the BOREKO community are not only interested in culture, art and talent development, but also in helping underprivileged children and adults. Therefore, our spectrum of our goals has broadened. By showing our local cultural values we aim at preserving the cultural identity of the Hungarian countryside.

We offer affordable and high standard cultural experience for the inhabitants of the neighbouring underprivileged settlements not only with the performance mentioned earlier, but we also created a whole series of programmes in Hajdúdorog and Hajdúnánás.

Since our foundation we have been planning to perform Birthday in regions with Hungarian population of the neighbouring countries. We foster good relations with many transborder community centres, and with the help of our sponsors we hope to get the opportunity to have several performances there.

The other important mission of our society, talent development, is carried out with the organization artists colonies, sport, and other workshops.

Beside our cultural activities, the sport life of BOREKO also plays an essential part. We pay special attention to our society’s amateur five-a-side football club, DTC, operating in Hajdúnánás, and on our judo club, which is active in Létavértes.

The DTC football club was established in 2002, and our chairman, Bodnár Robin, has played a crucial role in founding and running it. Accordingly, the club became a membership organization of the BOREKO Society. It has more than 80 members, their age ranges from small children to pensioners. They all enthusiastically take part in the yearly amateur championships, football tournaments and other sport events.

Our judo club in Létavértes gives recreational facilities to more than 50 children and young adults living in underprivileged circumstances, and self-defence trainings under the guidance of Haja János, world championship silver medalist. Thanks to the trainings led by our professional coach, the members of the club won several medals in many regional and national competitions.

In our centre in Hajdúdorog we created workplace for seven people by winning a tender helping social enterprise in 2020. Within its framework we are publishing a highly readable and interactive book for young students, with the topic of accident prevention and giving first aid.

Bodnár Robin


My name is Bodnár Robin, the chairman of the BOREKO Society. I have a degree in economics, but the world of culture is really close to my heart, especially acting, the art of performing. Because giving people happiness and freedom is a form of art. Seeing happy people around me motivates me. In my everyday life I work as a motivational speaker, so it is safe to say that my job is my hobby, and my hobby is my job. My personal motto is that “You are a winner not when you get to the top, but when you bring others there too.” I define myself as a globe-trotter. Come with me to the exciting world of BOREKO.

Koroknai Zoltán


Besides working as a teacher, I have always had the need to communicate my thoughts through a different channel to a bigger audience. Earlier it was writing (poems and short stories) that gave me this opportunity. As I was getting older, drama, especially comedy, came into my sphere of interests. With my companions we aim to bring happiness into the everyday lives of the inhabitants of our immediate and more distant neighbourhood.

Rehó János

Finance manager

For years I was the vice-chairman of the Második Dimenzió Irodalmi és Művészeti Csoport (Second Dimension Literature and Art Group). Within our society I perform the duties of the finance manager. For me BOREKO means a new challenge and making my dreams come true. I believe that art has always played and will always play an important role in helping people getting to know themselves and bringing joy into their lives. I have been the captain and manager of the DTC Amateur Football Club since 2002. We hope that our activity will help a lot of sports fans leading a healthy life.

Nagy Ibolya

“You become what you believe.” Most of all, I believe in LOVE! I also believe in play, teaching, and in the importance of honest gestures touching young people’s soul. This is what I have been trying to accomplish in my private life, as a Hungarian literature and grammar teacher using drama in education and a librarian for 30 years.

Kócsi Imre Csaba

I was born in 1964 in Hajdúnánás. I clearly remember wanting to perform plays even in the kindergarten. (In those days there were a lot of theatre broadcasts on TV.) Then the reciting contests came. Even as a schoolchild I asserted bravely and with full conviction that one day I will become an actor. As a secondary school student, I performed successfully in many national drama competitions, and I had the opportunity to travel to the national finals in Győr. As the winner of a school drama festival, I could take part in an actor’s training camp in Szeged. After staring a family at the age of 21 I said goodbye to the boards, but the new millennium brought new challenges. An amateur theatrical group was founded in my hometown, and I am its member ever since. The BOREKO Theatre, founded by my friend, is an exciting mission for me.

Pók Éva

I was born in Hajdúnánás and I also live here, although I lived in the similarly dusty lowland settlement of Fegyvernek for six years. So far, I have been a post officer, a banker, a real estate manager, currently I am a masseur in the Thermal Bath of Hajdúnánás. I have been interested in acting since I was a secondary school student. In winter I look forward to the windy spring, in spring to the juicy, watermelon flavoured summer, in summer to the autumn and in the wet autumn to the biting cold of winter. After every play I look forward to the new one, as every performance is live, there are no rewound and repeated frames.

Haja János

I started doing judo 38 years ago in a dojo in Debrecen, then I got transferred to the dojo of Újpest. After that I became a member of a Torino club where I won the Italian championship. My most important successes are the Hungarian over 100 kg category championship, twofold 2nd place in the world championship (Abu Dhabi 2013, Malaga 2014), 2nd place in the Weiden European Championship in 2009, 3rd place in the Spartakiád, and I finished many other international competitions in the first three. I have run under the colours of Létavértes BOREKO Judo Club since 2010 and I also manage the judo section. I train 40 students who compete as juniors. My students finished several international championships in the first three, enhancing the reputation of the Létavértes BOREKO Judo Club.

Nagy Ágnes

Besides teaching art, I always feel the urge to try myself in other areas and challenges. The most important factor is that it requires creativity. I am happy to work in team, as community inspires me. Although fine art is a solitary genre, I take part in artists colonies in the summer. I love immortalizing visually interesting moments with the help of photographs. I work as an editor-reporter for the Local Television of Hajdúnánás, I design decorations for wedding and school celebrations, and I have also learnt animation. I love poems and several kinds of music, and if I could, I would always travel.

Szólláth Zoltán

I am Szólláth Zoltán, I was born, and I live in Hajdúnánás. I worked for the Children’s Home in Hajdúnánás for 9 years. I have been the cultural manager of the community centre in Hajdúnánás since 2000. I was an active member of the Ligetszépe Természetbarát Egyesület (Evening Primrose Nature Lovers’ Club). I love studying local and sport history, I organize trips, in my free time I like to write, and my collections play an essential part of my life. I am especially proud of the Hajdú Képeslap Gyűjtemény (Heyduck Postcard Collection) and the Glo-Ball Sports Collection, that I founded and manage, and of the 80,000 archive photos of Hajdúnánás that I collected with my friend Fűz László.

Csíki László

My name is Csíki László, but everybody calls me Bandi. My interests and activities are far-reaching. Our family business deals with commerce, but I am an employee of the local television in Hajdúnánás. Playing music and acting have played a crucial part of my life since my childhood. With my band we have entertained our audience of (sometimes, after a few drinks, not so) great merit at countless programmes. I am also a member of the Naná Theatre in Hajdúnánás, where I participated in many successful performances. I am looking forward to the future activities of our society.

Szatmári Tony

My name is Szatmári Tony. I was born on 26 November 1979 in Hajdúnánás. I took up music 22 years ago and I dealt with many genres, finally found myself in poetry: from 2010 I spent 5 years on stage with my band named KülönKiadás. The outcome of our working together is an album consisting of 10 songs and an EP consisting of two songs. We topped off these five years with a special song called “Ez nem szalmaláng” (“This is not a flash in the pan”) written for our hometown as a gift. In 2015 I won first prize in the category of best composer in a musicalization of poetry competition named “Kedv, remények, trillák” organized by the Debrecen Musicians Club. Next year in the same competition I won the category of the best József Attila musicalized poetry. I perform songs written by the most popular poets of the 20th century with acoustic guitar accompaniment. Promoting lyre, poetry and culture has always been close to my heart. I dropped into the world of theatre in 2016, so this is a new challenge for me. Thanks to BOREKO for it.

Körtefái István

My name is Körtefái István. I came to Hayduck County from Mád in Tokaj-Hegyalja through my wife, where I had the opportunity to get to know great people. Every minute of my life is filled with educational and welfare work, that I do in several positions. In recent years I have been into holding teacher refreshing courses. For me it is very motivating when I can pass on my knowledge and experience to people showing interest in education. My motto is “Winners never give up, those who give up never win.”

Reszegi Sándor

My name is Sándor Reszegi, an inhabitant from Hajdúnánás. I love old, traditional things, I also preserve and use them. I am a member of a traditional association too, where we struggle to transfer at least a part of our old traditions to the future’s youth in plays and songs. I have found a good team in Boreko Association too, where enthusiasms is at least as high as curiosity. This is a good feeling to see that the result of our work entertains others. “A nation can survive as long as its language and culture exist”. I really appreciate this classic citation.

Csikiné Alföldi Borbála

May name is Borbála Csíkiné Alföldi. I was born in Hadúnánás, and have been living here since then. I was already outstanding right in my childhood with my desire. I was always interested into poetry and singing. When I got to school, a child theatrical company was launched, where I was happy to apply! The performances lasting for several years, speech technical practices made me love the stage. Then marriage, raising children, work… After many years skipped, I am glad to be on stage again!!! I joined another company first, then the management of Boreko “found” me. My life has become full with a great company, challenge and the thankful claps of the audience. I hope I am going to face many other performances and years spent together.

János Kurczina

I moved from Debrecen to Hajdúdorog in 2012. I started my family here. I have a foster daughter and two little girls with my Partner. I have been singing in rock bands since I was young, most recently in the Kereszttűz band in Debrecen. I wrote poems and lyrics as well. I also lived in Budapest for a while, where I was a member of a theatre club. I have known Robin since 2015, he invited me to the Association which I was very happy about because what they are dealing with is very close to me. I am currently working locally in a paper factory but I plan to deal with helping addicts through my own experience. For this I am also writing a book that I hope will be published soon and will help many suffering addicts and their families. I have been starting the Alcoholics Anonymous Community here in Hajdúdorog for more than 4 years, for which the BOREKO Association can provide a final place. I am already grateful to them in advance for everything. "Life is a gift! LIVE !!!!!!"