My name is Haja János, I am the founder and manager of the BOREKO Judo Club. Besides my personal achievements of winning several titles and two silver medals in world championships, I am very proud to teach, train and prepare a growing team of 50 people, consisting of mainly children and young adults, for national and international championships. Our contestants gained fantastic results in these tournaments, and I am sure that we will have similarly delightful experiences in the future.

I have huge dreams about judo, and knowing the management of the Society, I will be able to make them true.

Robin Bodnár, President visited the Judo Club of BOREKO Association. He made strengthening and motivation training for the children participating to the training. Our young competitors could learn in excellent mood, but with intensive practices. We appreciate them, since both their attitude and their endurance are exemplary. We can say thank You to their trainer, János Haja, the manager of the BOREKO Association’s Judo Club. Following the training, we took part at a common dinner, where Zoltán Papp, the Vice Mayor of Létavértes held a toast. It can be clearly determined, that the Judo Club is continuously developing, its members are motivated, strong and are going to face a great future!

János Haja – IJF Judo World Championships 2014, Malaga

Results of the Boreko Judo Association:

The competitors of the BOREKO Judo Association really successfully participated to different competitions. We are very proud of them. Results of the BOREKO Judo Club: County Student Olympics, Debrecen, 23rd January, 10 associations – 100 competitors Results_ 25kg: 2nd place: Kristóf Bartos, 3rd place: Kristóf Balázs. 40 kg: 1st place: Jenő Tordai, 2nd place: Kristóf Aranyosi, 44 kg: 1st place Levente Papp, 48 kg: 1st place István Rézműves, 55 kg: 1st place Demeter Mezei, 70 kg: 1st place: Lőrinc Rézműves, Regional Student Olympics, Miskoc, 6th February, 20 associations – 250 competitors, Results: 40 kg: 3rd place: Jenő Tordai, 48kg: 3rd place: István Rézműves, 50 kg: 2nd place: Demeter Mezei, 70 kg: 2nd place: Lőrinc Rézműves.

BOREKO Judo Gala (15th December 2018)

On 15th December 2018, in Létavértes, in the local Sport Centre, the BOREKO Judo Gala was organized by our Association. In addition to BOREKO’s judo athletes, the teams of Monostorpályi, Kismarja, Berettyóújfalu and Székelyhíd also took part. The special guest of the Gala was Tamás Madarász, Olympic athlete, who competed with our member, the World Champion Silver Medal owner, János Haja, as the main event of the evening. The judo athletes of BOREKO achieved nice successes. The President of the Association, Robin Bodnár supported the event with personal financial sponsorship.

Judo Student Olympics in Miskolc, 20th February 2019

The Judo Club of the BOREKO Association, operating in Létavértes achieved outstanding results on at te Regional Judo Olympics organized in Miskolc, on 9th February 2019. Among our competitors, Dominik Juhász achieved the first place in 50 kg weight category, whilst Zsombor Kustor the second place in 55 kg, and Maja Kovács in 63 kg category. Tamás Kiss became the third in 40 kg category. We congratulate on their performance. We hereby say thank You to János Haja, member of the Association, the manager of the BOREKO Judo Club for the successful training. We wish them a lot success to their competitions.

The judo training camp to be organized in June in Létavértes is already being organized. In addition to the judo training managed by János Haja, János Rehú, financial manager, DTC team captain is going to make football training, and Robin Bodnár, President motivation and strength training for the young participants.