Commemoration of Trianon

The BOREKO Association is commemorating the centenary of the Trianon Peace Edict with this program, commemorating and reminding one of the greatest tragedies in the history of the Hungarian people.


Szólláth Zoltán Glo-Ball

Introduction of Zoltán Szólláth’s Glo-Ball sport collection

Venue: Lajos Kéky Town Culture Centre’s gallery.

Presentation of the President of Boreko in Nyíracsád

The Greek Catholic Parish of Nyíracsád invited the successful non-profit organization of the area for a presentation, where they had the opportunity to present how they had become so successful within such a short period. Those organizations could attend, who showed significant innovation in the recent period. We are very proud of that Boreko Association also received an invitation for this event, where the President personally introduced the successes of our organization so far, as well as its future targets. Then our main target is nothing else than seeking for national reputation.


Was presented in the organization of Zoltán Szólláth.

An exhibition “Being a Child” was opened in the Cultural Centre in Hajdúnánás, on 18th February 2019.



An exhibition “Being a Child” was opened in the Cultural Centre in Hajdúnánás, on 18th February 2019.

Zoltán Koroknai on the status of the serfdom.

The last performance of the series “Early Millennium Interviews”

Hajdúnánás Television: Zoltán Koroknai, secondary school teacher’s historical presentation on 25th September 2019.

2019 Closing

On 21st December 2019, the Boreko Association made its year closing meeting and final party. On this occasion, the President presented the most important events of the year, as well as the activities of the Association planned for the next year. Then he granted the year’s Boreko Award, which was received by Imre Csaba Kócsi this year. Congratulation for our performance artist. Then the dinner began, as well as the music-dancing Boreko party. The vibe was fantastic as always. We would like to say thank you for ensuring the venue of our closing event and the support of our Association to our main sponsor, Imre Bocz, and Imre Bocz Jr., the owners and managers of Bocz-N Kft. We would like to wish peaceful Christmas and a Happy New Year for everyone. Best Regards: the management and members of the Boreko Association.


Boreko Association has become 4 years old. It would be a great challenge to summarize everything that happened in the life of our association during these four years. Therefore, we would like to highlight only two facts.

Our theatre and sport faculties achieved serious successes, Boreko Association is considered as being a key non-profit organization in the county.

Which is even more important, the members of the Association have transformed into not only a community, but a “family” as well. I would like to say thanks and I am glad for all members of the Association for their successful work, exemplary attitude. You are fantastic!

Around the World with Robin

On 22nd November 2017, Robin Bodnár, President, by accepting the invitation of the Lajos Kéky Town Cultural Centre, held his presentation on his foreign travels, experiences and memories. During the presentation having excellent atmosphere, spiced with much humour, in addition to the description of the 62 countries visited by Robin, attendees had the opportunity to enjoy the passport presentation and learn the currencies of different countries. The interview and presentation made with the presenter is going to become available in the Hajdúnánás Television soon. The presentation itself is preceded by a videomix, which was recorded by Robin in different countries. The video, the visual and audio of the presentation were made by János Rehó.

Boreko year-end party 2017

On 11th November 2017, Boreko Association held a year-end party, where the atmosphere was fantastic. Following the annual report of Robin Bodnár, Zoltán Koroknai, Vice President shared the main events related to the theatre. During this, we also discussed matters regarding the future. Following the mandatory Members’ Meeting, an amazing celebration took place. Based on the President’s proposal, Zoltán Koroknai has become the man of the year, who made much contribution to raise our theatre by his diligent work.

As before, the venue was provided by Bocz-N Kft., thus we would like to say special thanks to Imre Bocz, owner, our main sponsor.

Management of the Boreko Association

Semi-annual evaluation Members’ Meeting, 2017

The BOREKO Association held its semi-annual evaluation Members’ Meeting on 10th June, Saturday, at the Association’s head office in Hajdúdorog. Following completing Robin Bodnár’s report and the official part, the members consumed the perfect stew of Zoltán Koroknak, Vice President (temporary chef). The pleasant afternoon was finished by a common singing with moderate alcohol consumption.

National Inherence Day, 4th June 2017

On the Day of Poetry, 11th April, Tony Szatmári provided a greaty programme in the Pince Club in Hajdúnánás. We are sorry if You missed it…

Tony presents his programme for the day of poetry on 12th April, Wednesday, in the Újpest Cultural Centre, which we recommend to everyone with “open heart”.

BOREKO Association has become two years old. We celebrated our birthday at the rehearsal of our play “Birthday” with moderate consumption and hard work.

BOREKO Association also represented itself at the Lecsó Fest in Esztár.

Boreko wishes health and happiness to everybody!